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Store & Restore
- Confidentiality is key!

For many years S&R has been devoted to being your #1 choice for everything video and audio, with a focus on confidentiality and on protecting your privacy.


As you probably know, we have always operated out of our digitization lab and storefront in Washington. However, due to rise in demand and increasing workload, we have slowly but surely expanded our business.

Through the network of professionals we have gotten in contact with over the years, we now have established S&R drop-off points in Franklin, Centerville and Georgetown for those who don't want, or are not able, to travel to us in person.

Furthermore, to the delight of our international clients, we now have verified S&R-affiliates in select countries throughout Europe and Asia, who can either offer you the same quality of service that you've come to expect from us, but from a location closer to you*, or help you get your video into our hands without having to bother yourself with complicated shipping solutions. These affiliates (or "S&R-'fillies as we call them internally) also provide a great alternative when the waiting line to our main lab becomes too long.

At S&R we've had many customers over the years, ranging from private individuals to large corporations and governments, and we are proud to say that we believe we are the best you can get.

If you have a recording, and if privacy is a concern,

welcome to S&R; where confidentiality is key.

"We don't ask, and we don't tell!"

- S&R


* please note that while our S&R-affiliates have been hand-picked for their technical capabilities and devotion to privacy,

some individuals might not be able to digitize some of the more "unusual" formats that we offer at our main lab.

Thank you for understanding.

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